More about 2012

The Santa Cruz Public Library is revisioning its role as a community resource and as a public building.

Last year, the Library participated as a TEAM in Artist JR’s Global Art Project (see video below)

The success of that participation has inspired a new installation for the year 2013- Santa Cruz Printmaker Bridget Henry has been awarded a commission to install her images in a temporary installation beginning on August 2013’s First Friday, lasting into the winter months.

Your Identity – Our Identity – The Identity of the Library as a Public Resource

Last year, the Library chose a quote from a Guardian UK article by Bella Bathurst:

“Turns out Libraries have nothing at all to do with Silence.”

In all, almost 100 photos were taken of at least 60 different people.

For more information on this global project:

After a successful installation Downtown, the photos are currently up in Branch Libraries throughout the County.



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